Prepare For 2022 With Custom Screen Printed Apparel For Your Work Team

Every person who owns a Tampa business wants to make sure their employees feel like an irreplaceable part of the company. This helps employee retention, improves employee satisfaction and can also help your local customers feel more connected to your team. A fantastic way to make your employees look and feel like they are on the same team is with screen printed apparel and various accessories. So today is a great time to consider what you can do to turn 2022 into your most connected year at work yet. The LoweGear team has some Tampa screen printing ideas to get you started.

Order Screen Printed Products For Your Work Team

Show your work associates you care and provide them with something they can confidently wear to work by ordering them custom screen-printed t-shirts or custom hoodies with the logo for your Tampa business. A custom printed shirt is a wonderful way to allow them to show pride in their place of work and get the word out about your local Tampa company.

New Screen-Printed Work Uniforms

Keep your work team looking good and comfortable with new screen-printed logo t-shirts in 2022. You can effortlessly make a massive difference in how employees feel about your workplace by simply getting the team new gear for the new year. In addition, the new screen printed uniform shirts can make a great impression on customers.

LoweGear makes it simple to order brand new work gear for 2022 with our three-step design upload process. All you need to do is:

  • Peruse our online catalog of apparel in hundreds of styles and colors. Products are listed by style, color and fit to make the selection process easier for you
  • Design your custom t-shirts and other promotional apparel in our digital design studio. Upload your images or choose from thousands of pieces of unique clip art and visually appealing fonts. We even offer multi-layered design templates that can be customized to fit your brand
  • The LoweGear design studio employs t-shirt design controls that manage the t-shirt design process to assure the final design meets your needs and intended uses for the custom apparel.

Launch 2022 right and order your new screen printed work gear today!

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