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Screen printing is a fantastic way to customize your gear with vibrant designs and eye-popping colors. Screen printing is ideal for dark shirts, custom products, and bright designs. As a result, many customers are seeking us as their Tampa t-shirt screen printing. However, there are many aspects to screen printing that you may not realize when seeking our services. So we have composed a list of the Dos and Don’ts of screen printing:

High Resolution Photos

Our system allows you to use your own designs and graphics for custom merchandise. However, to get the highest quality results, your art or photos must be the highest resolution you can obtain. Small or low-resolution photos will likely come out blurry and unable to highlight the finer details.

Color Scheme

In addition to higher resolution photos, you will also want to ensure that the colors you choose for your apparel and design work well together. For example, a light-colored shirt may make most other colors pop. However, the lighter colors in the design may not stand out once it’s dried and set. A dark shirt may look amazing with lighter ink but lose the darker colors with the lack of contrast.

Devil is in the Details

When we have an idea and vision in mind, we often don’t want to compromise or go too far off from the original concept. However, don’t let this cause you to focus so heavily on the small details in your design. Screen printing is outstanding for details, but it can also cause the more minor aspects to bleed into each other. Making sure the overall image and concept are highlighted instead of worrying about the tiny details can make a world of difference in your satisfaction with the final product.

Screen printing has many aspects, but in the end, it is worth the final product. It allows your merchandise to stand out in a big way and catch the eye of potential supporters/customers. Contact us today if you are looking for a Tampa screen printer for your custom shirts and other merch!

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