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Many of us grew up in church, and if you did, you might have fond memories of the youth group you went to in middle and high school. Likewise, many youths are shaped by the fellowship and support of a youth ministry. So when you become part of the team that makes these environments possible, letting your creativity flow is crucial for a unique and stand-out youth group. 

Finding a good brand for your youth ministry can be tricky. You don’t want to sound and look like everyone else, but you also want it to be impactful and inspiring. Once you find your name, branding is the next big step! Not just posters or banners, but t-shirts for your team! Your staff, volunteers, and students will love to represent the youth ministry they are a part of. Click the links below to see our many options for branded, custom t-shirts:

Now without further ado, here are some clever names for a youth group:

412 Ministries



Sling and Stone Youth Ministry


Great Adventure

Torch Lighters

Mountain Movers


Love Changes Everything 

Children of the Light

Mustard Seed Ministries

Called to Higher Youth Ministry

Not of the World Ministry

Anchored Youth

Righteous Pursuit Ministries

Movers and Shakers

On the Move Youth Ministry

Be Still Ministries 

Great Things Youth Ministry

Tribes Youth Ministry

All In Ministries

Be the Moon Youth Ministry

World Changer Ministries

Ground Breakers Youth Ministry

Messengers Youth Ministry 

Rebel Youth Ministries 

Freedom Ministries

Back to Life Youth Ministry

Good Fight Youth Ministry

Not Over Yet Ministries

Walk on Water Ministries 

Chain Breakers Ministries

Rattle Youth Ministry

Victory Youth Ministry

Come Alive Youth Ministry 

Defender Ministries

Start a Fire Youth Ministry

Upperroom Youth Ministry

Heaven Invade Youth Ministry

Dreamers Youth Ministry

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