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When Covid-19 hit the world and thrust the business world into virtual meetings, platforms like zoom quickly rose in popularity. However, a virtual meeting isn’t the same as the comradery that comes with going into a boardroom together. According to the BBC, 73% of people miss socializing in person with their coworkers. One way to remedy this while maintaining a work-at-home environment is team-building games and exercises suited for virtual meetings. Here are a few ways your Tampa business can build a stronger, more efficient team.

JackBox Games

JackBox Games is a website that offers game packages for only $20. You only need a virtual meeting, the JackBox website, and a smartphone. Each player plays from their phone but watches the chaos ensue on screen in the virtual call.


It may seem simple, but eating lunch together on a video call can boost morale and remind everyone that they are still a team. Level this meeting up by using services like DoorDash or UberEats to have lunch delivered right to them!

Step Challenge

According to recent studies, 40% of U.S. adults sit for eight hours a day. You can get everyone moving by implementing a step challenge. Apps like “social step” can make it a fun competition, and including a grand prize can motivate them to join in!

Show and Tell

Many of us remember our elementary school days of “show and tell.” It was a fun and entertaining way to share pieces of our lives with our peers. As adults, we tend not to show off what we care about the most in our work environment. Change that by having a show and tell on your virtual call. This gives them the chance to show off branded work gear, collectibles, parts of their home, pets, and maybe even members of their family!

Virtual Cookbook

7 in 10 adults began cooking at home more often at the start of the pandemic, and many have maintained this habit. Virtual cookbook is a great way to share recipes and connect with each other through the power of food. All you need is a GoogleDrive or DropBox, and have everyone begin uploading their recipes. Make it extra exciting to have everyone on call while they’re cooking one of the dishes so you can build up that community environment.

We hope these ideas sparked some creativity and might be the start of something fun and exciting for your work environment. To learn more about how to build up your Tampa business, contact us today!

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